Video: Ka – Off the Record

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I’m sure this video resonates with those that received their introduction to quintessential nineties rap through vinyl records and tape decks. My first rap album was Puff Daddy’s No Way Out, on CD (fml), and it’s a shame to know that if I was just a few years older I would’ve had that rock hard rap gambit pumping out a Clairtone stereo next to the Michael Jordan poster in my bedroom. I didn’t have that, but it’s okay. Ka is making up for it.

You might of heard of Ka (he hit Pitchfork a few weeks ago with a strong album review of The Night’s Gambit). However, if you want a great overview of the forty-year-old NY firefighter / humble hip-hop-ripper, check out Brandon Soderberg’s piece over at Spin. I’ll be pumping Ka MP3s through my digital auxiliary cable in the meantime.

Charles Black – “Got Love?”

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 REM Album Cover Website

This is why you never cheat on crazy people. For real though, Charles Black produces, sings, raps – he is the auteur and curator of this dynamic sound, and really kills this cutter on all levels. I love a good storyteller, especially one with a unique perspective (at least in the rap world) when it comes to women and relationships.

Check out LA based rapper Charles Black’s full album REM @

Video: Joey Bada$$ “Unorthodox”

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Joey Badass unorthodox

Well we love Joey Bada$$ and this is just another unorthodox piece of work to add to his quickly growing collection. Happy Monday.

Nike Football: The Chance: Undiscovered

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If given, would you take it?

Football, a move across the world, an internship–it’s all the same.

When chance comes, the ball is at your feet.

Tyler, The Creator – IFHY

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Tyler the creator

Nice way to start the weekend, crazy ass Tyler, The Creator video.

It really is funny how accurate The Creator portion of Tyler’s name is. He doesn’t just lead a rap collective, but has curated this cultish lifestyle and aesthetic that includes video production and clothing and a whole lot of I’m weird but don’t give a fuck (Tyler designs the “Golf” pieces in this video, btw). I don’t love all his music, but Yonkers sure sucker punched me on my first listen. And I’ve been rocking 5 panel hats ever since…

Tyler’s new album Wolf drops next week. It leaked, so you can probably find it on the Interweb, but for now, appreciate the strange greatness that is Tyler, The Creator.

M83 “Starwaves” x Oblivion Trailer x Collateral x Audioslave

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Bloody brilliant these guys are.

The last time I saw Tom Cruise in a movie was in Michael Mann’s stunning Collateral.  Beyond Mann’s direction, the acting, writing, editing and cinematography was the integral role that music played in pacing and elevating the picture:



Boom, never gets old.  I am not sure if Cruise’s latest film, Oblivion, will deliver the same symbiotic relationship between music and storytelling; however, with M83 doing the score I’ll be watching–or at least listening:



And shit, I think watching is in the cards too:


Joel Compass – Back To Me

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Can I get another smoke machine electronic R&B singer? The genre has got to be my favorite in the last few years, and Joel Compass takes it to new heights. The obvious comparisons to the Weeknd and Frank Ocean are there, but I think Compass holds a little stronger to traditional R&B lyricism. Which is interesting, because Compass was a beat making dj before he tried his turn at singing on one of his own tracks.

So we now have a 19-year old Southern Londoner producing his music from A-Z and Black Butter Records picks him up after hearing one track. You can probably bank on Joel blowing up in like… one year from now. If not that’s cool his music will still be good.

We don’t have to talk about the video.  Just watch it in amazement and be excited that Joel Compass has an EP coming out this summer.