Coming Home - (Royal And LeGinge Edit)

Royal and LeGinge totally transformed this horrible Diddy song (which somehow has over 110 million YouTube views). The intro is laid back, quiet and ethereal like the last blurry, muted seconds of life until an EXPLOSION of light rushes Read more

Letters To Fiesta - Stay Young + Tears Apart

"Stay Young" and "Tears Apart" are the first two digital singles from the UK quartet Letters to Fiesta. While the post-punk, new wavvvvy pop crew did just hit the Internet (running quite fast), they have been together for a Read more


I can't believe it's almost the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, released in 1994. I was 7, Nas was 20, signed to Columbia, and working with some of the best producers available (ie. Pete Rock and Q-Tip).It's funny listening to Read more

Von Roader: Roadrunner

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Everyone needs a little indie-rock-electro fun in their life. At least I do. And I think I found the right track to provide the sort of Friday night funk that pairs well with dim lights and sweaty summer house parties.

Get more from the three piece Austin group at their website: Von Roader

Jeffrey Butzer: Little Dark Eyed Love (with Brent Hinds)

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With a break from our usual indie-rock-electronic-hip-hop blend, I present Jeffrey Bützer. His music brings me back to my Amélie soundtrack obsession days, except with a dose of melancholy and a subdued surf guitar riding a gently composed wave.

Check out more from Jeffrey Bützer at his Bandcamp.

New Playlist: Moose Luh Da Kids

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Moose Luh Da Kids

Nobody knew anyone like Moose. He luh da kids.


Felix Cartal – “Tonight” [featuring Maja Ivarsson]

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Reportedly, this song was Manti Te’o and his fake dead girlfriend’s favorite song.  Now, he hasn’t come out and denied this rumor so we’ll just have to assume it’s true.

Miika Kuisma – Orion [featured in Toyota Avalon ad...maybe]

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Art meets the 2013 Toyota Avalon.  The result?  Stunning advert.

Warning: Visual and Auditory Stimulation

According to Shazam, the music is “Orion” by Finnish musician Miika Kuisma.  Not too sure about that, but I didn’t have time to corroborate Shazam’s claim.  I mean, I am kind of a big deal.   Fresh track, regardless.

Skizzy Mars – Pay For You (Feat. Devon & G-Eazy)

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Damn, this song makes me jealous. Wish my sugar momma supported my rap career.

Big Boi – “Lines” Featuring [A$AP Rocky & Phantogram]

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When A$AP says, “Revenue is what I get, get/ your bitch is what I did hit,” it is difficult to know how to respond as a listener.  Is it directed at the person wearing the headphones?  Is it some veiled dis to someone specific?  Is it just some played-out rapper cliché?  Or is it insecurity creeping out through his rapping?

Maybe it is a revelation.  One that is teased-out by Phantogram’s chorus: “The lines we’ve crossed, the lines we crossed/ Have always been why I’ve lost.”

Yeah.  Let’s go with that.

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