Video: Ka - Off the Record

I'm sure this video resonates with those that received their introduction to quintessential nineties rap through vinyl records and tape decks. My first rap album was Puff Daddy's No Way Out, on CD (fml), and it's a shame to Read more

Marmalakes - Dolores

I was in bed reading the The Movie Goer by Walker Percy the other night when "Dolores" came up on a recent playlist I made. I had to put down the American classic and listen a little closer to Chase Weinacht's Read more

Toony TuneS & Captn Dan - Popadock

Wordplay Saturday. You might be out in the sun, swimming or riding your bicycle, but I'm the house listening to rappers Toony Tunes and Captn Dan. I don't know where they came from, put them in my ears, Read more

Caws Pobi – “Haircut”

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Hacking off my tresses into an edgy work of art-fuckery is a consideration firmly set in fantasy.  Yet, in less than 4 minutes, Portland artist Caws Pobi nudges me into believing I really should take that plunge into stylish self-reinvention.  He coolly asserts, “You get a haircut; I get excited,” while serving up a wealth of praise for bold coiffures in a manner that will leave you wishing your early adulthood was spent in the late 70s, existing on a fashionably lean diet of synthesizers and Modern art. Or, Portland sans time travel.

Caught A Ghost – “Time Go”

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It’s often said that life moves agonizingly slow until your twenty-first birthday, but after it flies by.  Having passed that threshold, it seems true.  Just yesterday–or so it feels–I was sitting in my parents’ backyard sailing the high, perilous seas with Alejandro and Captain Barbarossa.  Or were we giving free, unsolicited exterior decorating to sleeping clients?  Maybe we were watching the paint dry as soon as it hit the cedar, making college spending sauce and clothing yaper?  I don’t know.  But, as Jesse Nolan croons, “Where does the time go?”

Continental Divide

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Dear A Mitch, I’ve fallen for a girl I met this summer.  The feelings are mutual.  We stay in touch often via Skype and G-Chat.  She is everything that I have been looking for (and more) and is truly remarkable. The problem is, we live on different continents, and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon.  Should I give up on having a relationship with such an amazing person, be patient and hope for the best, or sort of half-ass it somewhere in between?  It’s worth mentioning that meaningless hookups disgust me, and this isn’t infatuation. 

- Clueless in Claremont
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Here We Go Magic – “How Do I Know”

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How do I know if I love you? Good Question. Personally, I’m wondering how that old guy married the woman in the wheelchair. That’s a big age discrepancy. And why does he need a dancing American Apparel Robot girl if he has Ms. Fat Booty chillin’ by the pool? Is it because his handicapped wife can’t dance? Lots of questions going around here.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

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Frank Ocean, probably the most talented member of OFWGKTA, is a lyrical genius. His LIQ (Lyrical Intelligence Quotient) is 1,000,000. This new single, off his upcoming album Channel Orange, is called ”Pyramid”. It’s about Cleopatra and her fall as Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt to a Pyramid stripper in Vegas, all in one fell swoop of infidelity. But, you know, that’s her own fault.

Grizzly Bear – Sleeping UTE

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Rawr. New Grizzly Bear track. It’s distinguishable among others, so we hired a tracker to find out what this means exactly; where the bear is headed, and what it has to do with us. Left Hand Bull, otherwise known as Stereogum, couldn’t tell us much other than the bears upcoming album release date (9/16 Warp Records), and plans for a world tour. What we can discern from the scent is a strong, unexpected complexity, something more than nuts and berries, Grizzly Bears’s usual diet.

I hope that was less annoying to read than it was to write.

May Playlist

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