Coming Home - (Royal And LeGinge Edit)

Royal and LeGinge totally transformed this horrible Diddy song (which somehow has over 110 million YouTube views). The intro is laid back, quiet and ethereal like the last blurry, muted seconds of life until an EXPLOSION of light rushes Read more

Letters To Fiesta - Stay Young + Tears Apart

"Stay Young" and "Tears Apart" are the first two digital singles from the UK quartet Letters to Fiesta. While the post-punk, new wavvvvy pop crew did just hit the Internet (running quite fast), they have been together for a Read more


I can't believe it's almost the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, released in 1994. I was 7, Nas was 20, signed to Columbia, and working with some of the best producers available (ie. Pete Rock and Q-Tip).It's funny listening to Read more

Stwo – Beyond EP

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I can barely stay out of the mood while listening to Stwo, the love guru turned dj/producer. It’s like the 20-year-old Parisian is lighting an electronic blunt that not only slides you into the B&G groove, but transforms conventional R&B lyricism into new age vocals with butter sweet beats that have just the right amount of chilly chillwaves to keep your mind trying to find that existential high. Does that even make sense?

Download the whole 6-track EP Beyond from Stwo on his Soundcloud, and have yourself a truly fantastic July 5th!

Galimatias – Marshmallow Grove

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Going to the lake, Galimatias.

M+A – When

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Feeling as if you’re life needs a little more uptempo, windows down summer fun? Wondering when you’ll have a chance to just RELAX and enjoy a mimosa at brunch? Now you can have all that and more with this M+A track “When”. The Italian duo has personally produced this smooth little disco treat for you to play to really give you the type of on a balcony with friends feeling everyone needs around 2:30 in the afternoon. Amirite!?

Okay, sorry for that, just trying something new. Clearly didn’t work. You can still enjoy the song though. M+A have a full-length album These Days out in September on Monotreme Records. Learn more about M+A on their websitewhere you can also pre-order their new album. If you’re into the whole pre-ordering thing.

ETC!ETC! X Brillz – “Callisto Final”

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This song is a straight banger, pure fire, mind-rattling, etc, etc.

Rare Monk – Sleep/Attack

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Portland natives Rare Monk have found just the right mix of alternative, radio-ready riffs and swelling, violin-tinged pysh-rock freakouts on their latest release, Sleep/Attack.  Even with the inclusion of some syth elements that have been overly used industry wide (see: vocoder on standout track Underground), Rare Monk has finely crafted an album that never feels bloated or unfocused, despite all the disparate pieces.
Album opener “Death By Proxy” is a triumphant pop-rock tune that hides edgy Chris Dodds references under a boiling surface until the second or third listen.  Elsewhere, the instrumentals surge into dark territory, even as vocalist Dorian Aites sits comfortably between a reverb-treated whisper and a poppy melodic range.  Take, for instance, the dreamy, minimalist song ”Center”, and compare it to the very next (title) track “Sleep/Attack“ - the transition feels tailor made for a live set. “Center” first lulls the listener into a hypnotic trance while naturally segueing into Sleep, an ethereal – yet punchy – rocker that appropriately name-drops the brain’s pleasure chemical, serotonin.
Their 2011 release, Astral Travel Battles, was at times sonically reminiscent of The Lonesome Crowded West era of Modest Mouse. On Sleep/Attack, the slight western-folk twang remains, as well as their propensity to veer off into heavier territory.  Nowhere on the record is this more apparent (or successful) than on the standout instrumental “Dreadnought”.  The nervous vibrato of the violin perfectly sets up a rock out interlude that can and may eventually fill-out big venues with many seats.
Rare Monk goes on a two-and-a-half month national tour this summer with The Dangerous Summer. Check out the dates and locations on the Rare Monk websiteAnd listen below.


Chester Watson – Origami [Prod. Art Vandelay]

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Chester Watson Art Vandalay Cardboard Smile

St. Louis rapper Chester Watson should be on your radar like… now. Since he dropped “Hubris” a year ago, his flow has smoothed and his wordplay has molded to form the type of seamless verses on downtempo beats we’ve seen from Earl Sweatshirt (which he’s probably heard once or twice). “Either he jockin’ off Earl / or paying gorgeous homage.” Oh, and he’s only 16.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Anna [Moonlight Matters Remix]

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It’s real.  It matters.  So does moonlight.  Just ask Anna.  Here.