Coming Home - (Royal And LeGinge Edit)

Royal and LeGinge totally transformed this horrible Diddy song (which somehow has over 110 million YouTube views). The intro is laid back, quiet and ethereal like the last blurry, muted seconds of life until an EXPLOSION of light rushes Read more

Letters To Fiesta - Stay Young + Tears Apart

"Stay Young" and "Tears Apart" are the first two digital singles from the UK quartet Letters to Fiesta. While the post-punk, new wavvvvy pop crew did just hit the Internet (running quite fast), they have been together for a Read more


I can't believe it's almost the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, released in 1994. I was 7, Nas was 20, signed to Columbia, and working with some of the best producers available (ie. Pete Rock and Q-Tip).It's funny listening to Read more

Throwback Wednesday – Andre Nickatina – “Sunny Kim”

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Summer is just around the corner, which stirs memories of Portland summers.  Long days, longer nights.  Mixed drinks.  Chasing girls.  Fresh Nikes.

Matter of fact, I’ll let Nicky-T take over:

Spruke – Bad News (pts I, II, & III) feat. Laura Grace

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Buffalo native and DJ/Producer Spruke seems to question his artistic identity and direction in his latest release, Lies Synthpop Told Me. His music is like a quick twisting radio-dial, teasing you with digital clips that shift before they can be pinpointed. Yet somehow, Spruke has managed to craft a full-length album via this exercise in rhythmic ADD.

If you look too close at any given track the lines blur, but let him take you on a journey and you’ll be rewarded with a thoughtful meditation on doubt, regret and love – both long-lost and newfound.  He drags electro dance-floor kicks with vocoded Depeche mode vocals through a pop-punk filter. Or dips in heavy-power chords and lacquers them with a Reznor-esqe synthed-out sheen. Or (why the hell not?) tosses in some harmonica – all with a knowing wink.  But the true showstopper rising out of this jubilant morass is the three part grouping of “Bad News”.  Come for the epic, symphonic Part I, stay for the driving, meditative Part II, and bask in the melancholic glory of Part III.  This journey-within-a-journey will stay with you long after the final piano key is struck.

Follow Spruke (Bill Boulden) on Twitter, and check out Lies Synthpop Told Me on Spotify.

Denetia and Sene – breathe.dream.scream.

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denetia and senejpgProbably one of the sweetest little ice cream bites I’ve had in all my life. Denetia and Sene have a lovely, just LOVELY lovemaking electro soul vibe that should have you immediately tracking down their 2012 LP His and Hers (okay it’s here). Check it out, and we can glide into these sheets together (metaphorically).

Joel Compass: Fucked Up

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Joel Compass

Joel Compass just hit us with another druggy cut I keep thinking is right on the mark. While it would be nice to occasionally get a taste of dark R&B sans naive model chick on the verge of an Exsta-hydro-cotton overdose, Joel does tap a dreadful fear I’ve had a time or two: the post blackout realization that you fucked something up and there’s no way to fix it. The worst part is you’re not sure what you did. This doesn’t seem to be a problem in Joel’s case.

Video: Joey Bada$$ “Unorthodox”

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Joey Badass unorthodox

Well we love Joey Bada$$ and this is just another unorthodox piece of work to add to his quickly growing collection. Happy Monday.

Eric Zarycki & The Persuasion – On the Night

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Eric Zarycki & The Persuasion On the Night

Been listening to Eric Zaryck and the Persuasion in the Passat as I make my way around these sidewalk-less, large-yarded Mississippi neighborhoods. It feels appropriate. I absorb the country rock Nashville crop like the unassuming humidity that makes moisturizing a thing of California. It’s easy, and porch friendly, and has really become the soundtrack of this transition to Southern living.

The whole album On the Night is pretty fantastic. Check it out at their Bandcamp or listen below.

Ghostface Killah feat. RZA – “Marvel”

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This beat is marvelous.  Listening to Ghost and Rza in top-form is dope, too.  Sit back, relax and get lost in this gem from the mid 1990′s.

Throwback Wednesday.  That’s how it works right?