Coming Home - (Royal And LeGinge Edit)

Royal and LeGinge totally transformed this horrible Diddy song (which somehow has over 110 million YouTube views). The intro is laid back, quiet and ethereal like the last blurry, muted seconds of life until an EXPLOSION of light rushes Read more

Letters To Fiesta - Stay Young + Tears Apart

"Stay Young" and "Tears Apart" are the first two digital singles from the UK quartet Letters to Fiesta. While the post-punk, new wavvvvy pop crew did just hit the Internet (running quite fast), they have been together for a Read more


I can't believe it's almost the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, released in 1994. I was 7, Nas was 20, signed to Columbia, and working with some of the best producers available (ie. Pete Rock and Q-Tip).It's funny listening to Read more

Kidz In The Hall – NO DOZ

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Kidz in the Hall

Kidz In The Hall are somewhat of an anomaly considering the current state of Chicago hip-hop (at least the Chicago hip-hop that’s garnered attention in the last year). Compared to the Drill scene, led in large part by Chief Keef, Kidz In The Hall don’t even remotely sound like they’re from the same city – much less working in the same genre.

Far from saints, Kidz In The Hall sound positively wholesome next to the violence and drug-fueled lyrics of the Drilluminati. (No doz, by the way, are caffeine pills, for whatever that’s worth.) But perhaps the best thing about them is that they can actually rap. Really well. It’s nice to hear, and hard to come by.  Hip-hop is after all, at least in theory, about the words. In that sense, Kidz In The Hall sound more like the various groups affiliated with the Beast Coast movement. Then again, maybe they just sound more professional because they’ve been rapping since Chief Keef was in kindergarten.

Fair-Weather Kings – Satellite Galaxies

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Fair-Weather KingsIf you have plans on road tripping in the near future, or maybe just rolling to Trader Joe’s after work with your window down, please download this song and burn a compact disc asap.

For real though, “Satellite Galaxies” is the perfect sunny driving tune. I can see the music video now: flashes of lovers in some beat up El Camino, the girl in Native American Apparel, Coachella boots, cigarettes, Tecate, playful wrestling, wheat fields, Ray Bans, Levis, leather jackets in hot as fuck Texas summer, motel with neon sign, one on one spin the bottle (hella cute), make out, dissolve with backs on the cold desert ground, eyes to the sky. Annnnnd… shooting stars. Yeah I went there.

Despite the new age cliche “Satellite Galaxies” sends me to, I really do enjoy the fun-loving indie rock the Fair-Weather Kings offer. With great hooks, high energy, and happy feelings, it’s hard to deny yourself a little Fair-Weather treatment.

Listen to the Kentucky crew below and visit their Bandcamp for more.

Danny Brown – Kush Coma (Prod. by Skywalker)

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Danny Brown Kush Coma

Oh Danny Brown. Up to your same old tricks, I see. On “Kush Coma” Danny once again turns his attentions to, well, you know.

Brown has continued to release a steady stream of music since 2011′s XXX – an excellent ode to debauchery of all kinds. Recently, he’s been hinting that his 2013 followup Old will be even darker. Yikes. Either way, it’s nice to have someone as enigmatic and eccentric in the game as Danny. “Kush Coma” comes on the heels of his recent diss song “Hottest MC,” a track directed at MTV’s annual Hottest MC list, on which he was noticeably absent.

Danny is a lot less angry here, instead choosing to talk about good old fashioned substance abuse, perhaps his favorite topic. Either way though, Danny seems to excel at whatever he puts his mind to. Oh, and for the record, “Kush Coma” is produced by Skywalker, the eminent producer from Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade crew, who is also a nerdy looking white guy. So that’s awesome. Here’s hoping for lots more of Danny and Skywalker to come.

Here is Your Temple – So High

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Here is your temple

Here is your temple. FIY.

HIYT’s alternative dream pop is mysterious and surreal. Actually it is just like those words mysterious and surreal - harder to define than envision. Harder to describe than to picture that still, ethereal image; so high that you can’t come down. And then, naturally, so low that we can’t get up.

I’m calling it now, Here is Your Temple will be blowing up soon. They are the best thing to happen to synth pop since Beach House. Watch their video for “So High” below, and listen to the whole EP So High on their Soundcloud. It’s great I promise.

Action Bronson – Morey Boogie Boards

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“Morey Boogie Boards” finds Action Bronson sounding decidedly more serious than on his usual fare. Granted, Bronson has never been a lighthearted guy. His opaquely dark sense of humor certainly isn’t for people with delicate sensibilities. But on “Morey Boogie Boards” he sounds tougher, calmer, and dare I say it, even a little bit gangsta. Dropping lines about “Bad Lieutenant” and featuring a chorus where he says he has to “Get that dough,” Action continues to sound like the best rappers from the ’90s heyday, although this time he comes off a lot more like Ice Cube than Ghostface. Of course, he still finds a little time to talk about food.  (“I’m risin’ like a soufflé.”) The track comes courtesy of producer Harry Fraud, and will apparently be featured on his upcoming mix tape, “Adrift.”

The Static Trees – 7th Son

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cd baby file

Half of the time I’m listening to The Static Trees I feel like I’m in my old rock music history class, listening to Muddy Waters records as we all learn how Mississippi sharecroppers shaped the Chicago blues explosion. The other half I’m thinking, okay fuck, is this the female lead version of the Black Keys, just funkier and produced in some Nashville garage? I don’t know, maybe all of that. But I like it. And you should too.

Download and listen to The Static Trees’ album Dirty Lungs belowAnd remember, they are all over 21 years old.

Joey Bada$$ – Wendy N Becky (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

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Wendy n Becky

Recently, we brought you up and coming MC Chance The Rapper’s excellent, drugged-out new track “Acid Rain.” Now, Chance is back on the latest from Joey Bada$$, “Wendy N Becky,” and honestly, Chance kind one-ups Joey here.

Over a jazzy beat produced by Thelonius Martin, Bada$$ drops a series of oversexed rhymes, apparently enjoying the benefits that his newfound fame has brought him. But Chance’s breezy flow builds better, and contains the best wordplay, such as “I paid the piper the pickle she used to pick apart.”

Joey Bada$$ has already proven himself to be one of the strongest young rappers out there right now, but “Wendy N Becky” is more evidence that Chance might be on that list too.