Coming Home - (Royal And LeGinge Edit)

Royal and LeGinge totally transformed this horrible Diddy song (which somehow has over 110 million YouTube views). The intro is laid back, quiet and ethereal like the last blurry, muted seconds of life until an EXPLOSION of light rushes Read more

Letters To Fiesta - Stay Young + Tears Apart

"Stay Young" and "Tears Apart" are the first two digital singles from the UK quartet Letters to Fiesta. While the post-punk, new wavvvvy pop crew did just hit the Internet (running quite fast), they have been together for a Read more


I can't believe it's almost the 20th anniversary of Illmatic, released in 1994. I was 7, Nas was 20, signed to Columbia, and working with some of the best producers available (ie. Pete Rock and Q-Tip).It's funny listening to Read more

Down Home – End of the World

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Usually I start Monday off with a rap banger in the car, a la Office Space. It helps me feel rebellious, like I’m not a stop and go driver stuck behind a taco cart on the westbound 10. But this morning I started slow, easing into the week with “End of the World.”

Sometimes that’s what driving to work in the morning feels like for me; the end of the world. It’s not some frantic, electronic pulsing heartbeat that every action movie trailer since Prometheus has adopted. Rather, this folky, Southern country blues that really melts me into my worn, heated leather seats. A cup of coffee and the gift of acceptance.

“They say it’s the end of the world, but I’m not sure that I mind.”

Listen to more Down Home @ their website and like them on Facebook.

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rain + Juice

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Damn, Chance the Rapper is on our radar. Man has they type of relaxed flow and introspective lyrics that make us wonder how a kid this young can be so mature. Chance preaches personal truths and fears in “Acid Rain,” sans soap box. It feels honest – something that’s hard to come by in the rap universe.

But then again, maybe he’s just a dude who thinks he has the juice?

Valentina – Wolves

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Valentine Cover Art Wolves

The howling wolves are coming out to hunt us down. Well fuck, Valentina.

I would be more frightened if this song didn’t seem so much like an audio dream sequence. I actually feel like I’m floating above the forest with friendly phantom wolves that snuggle me as we drift into space.

Also this.

Vuvuvultures – Stay Still

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Vuvuvulteres here. Moody. Abrasive. “Approach with caution,” Harmony Bucher sings. I think you should approach with full-fledged confidence.

London’s indie rock punk stars VVV are releasing “Stay Still” sometime in March, with their first full-length release coming later in the year. Listen to a sneek peek below, and check out  more from VVV at their website – which has a badass header (if you’re into that sort of thing).

This is good too.

Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

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THIS mix.  I’m saying.  Fire.  Fred Falke.  Yeah, incredible.  Damn.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Secret Xtians

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I thought I was listening to the opening of an Elliott Smith song. Then I thought, is this some indie Beatles cover I mindlessly grabbed off Hype Machine? No. Unknown Mortal Orchestra. From Portland. Holler.

Most of the time I’m listening to “Secret Xtians” I’m wishing it wasn’t on the verge of ending. So I hit the repeat button and practice various forms of shavasanah poses on my couch while it replays continuously.

All I can really make out of “Secret Xtians” is that Secret Christians are all the same, and that they probably are not too bright. Which doesn’t really make any sense because how do you even know if they are SECRET? So, yeah, food for your discussions on Christianity.


Vondelpark – California Analog Dream

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California Analog Dream

Happy Sunday night, hope y’all are having Fun.