Video: Ka - Off the Record

I'm sure this video resonates with those that received their introduction to quintessential nineties rap through vinyl records and tape decks. My first rap album was Puff Daddy's No Way Out, on CD (fml), and it's a shame to Read more

Marmalakes - Dolores

I was in bed reading the The Movie Goer by Walker Percy the other night when "Dolores" came up on a recent playlist I made. I had to put down the American classic and listen a little closer to Chase Weinacht's Read more

Toony TuneS & Captn Dan - Popadock

Wordplay Saturday. You might be out in the sun, swimming or riding your bicycle, but I'm the house listening to rappers Toony Tunes and Captn Dan. I don't know where they came from, put them in my ears, Read more

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Wildlife Control – “Ages Places”

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Remember those times as a kid in school when you were taught things that initially seemed counter-intuitive?  Like wildfires:

“Naturally occurring wildfires play an integral role in nature. They return nutrients to the soil by burning dead or decaying matter. They also act as a disinfectant, removing disease-ridden plants and harmful insects from a forest ecosystem. And by burning through thick canopies and brushy undergrowth, wildfires allow sunlight to reach the forest floor, enabling a new generation of seedlings to grow.”

(source: National Geographic)

You know, wildlife control.

Youth Lagoon – Daydream [Noah Hyde Remix]

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Apparently Notre Dame was caught daydreaming last night.  Terrible.  If we could enter that clouded, scary ND daydream that was the national championship, the song playing in the background would be “Blood, Tears and Gold” by the Hurts.  Hm, how fitting.  That’s also what the Fighting Irish sideline looked like.

But shit, luckily Noah Hyde’s remix saved me from that Miami meltdown pant-pooping performance…

[daydream resumes]


Micke – “I Can See It Coming” [prod. by YesYou]

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Never met a Swede I didn’t like. Never met an Aussie I didn’t like. Shit, no wonder this joint is so dope. From now on, my heritage is half Swedish and half Australian. In fact for dinnah, I am about to have a smorgasbord of kottbullar, blodpudding and Foster’s.

“I Can See It Coming.” Swedestraaalian for awesome.

Urban Cone | Kings and Queens

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Merry Christmas, folks. These Swedes know how to get a Christmas Party started. Well, that and booze. Sa [burp] lud. Merry freakin*&Fasflaksfdksaf lsddaafaf [head crashes into keyboard]

Mark II. 3-inch flashlight. Drank. Oh, and Slurricane Sandy.

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Hanging out in an apartment alone, without power, can be underwhelming–or depending on how you are feeling, overwhelming.  That night?  I just put the above list to work, tinkering and drinking into the morning.  And then this song came on:

M83 – “Steve McQueen” (MAPS Remix)

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The original is fire.  This remix, not too shabby.  Anthony Gonzalez, the truth.  Air Max 1′s, the dopest shoe.  Ever.  Puddles aka The Duck, so much swag I am forced to use the word swag.  Portland’s cityscape at night, unparalleled.  West coast, best coast.  Organic cotton, so soft and so supple. Steve McQueen, they just don’t make ‘em like him anymore.

I am pretty sure that’s the message to take from this song.

TGIK – Night Moves

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The rolling thunder was getting louder, more persistent.  Yet it was still far off, somewhere distant in the Hudson Valley.  In the middle of the lake, the raindrops fell from a starlit sky.  They hit my soaked, naked body, but I couldn’t feel a thing.

Then crack.  The thunder clap was so strong it seemed to physically slap me out of sleep.  The lightning sparked the room blue, but for the rest of that stormy August night it was the sound of thunder I lay listening to.

You’re right Mr. Seger, it is strange how the night moves.