Misun - Hills and Trails

This uptempo synthy spaghetti western pop song from Misun can be paired with pretty much any end of the summer activity, especially if it involves riding through tumultuous Texas desert towns on quarter horses. There probably needs to be Read more

Video: Ka - Off the Record

I'm sure this video resonates with those that received their introduction to quintessential nineties rap through vinyl records and tape decks. My first rap album was Puff Daddy's No Way Out, on CD (fml), and it's a shame to Read more

Marmalakes - Dolores

I was in bed reading the The Movie Goer by Walker Percy the other night when "Dolores" came up on a recent playlist I made. I had to put down the American classic and listen a little closer to Chase Weinacht's Read more


Grizzly Bear – Shields

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Stream the new Grizzly Bear album Shields on NPR! In case you didn’t catch the Shields single “Sleeping UTE” it’s down below.

Passion Pit – Gossamer

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It’s been over three years since Passion Pit’s last full length album Manners. After about 8,000 “Sleepyhead” remixes, Michael Angelakos (Nerve.com‘s 3rd hottest indie rock singer) and crew are finally dropping Gossamer on July 24th, another fabulous multi-layered electro-pop LP. If you haven’t already added the Gossamer single “Take a Walk” to your summer playlist, do that now, please. And then…

Stream Gossamer over at NPR.

An Object of Beauty

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I didn’t think I could make it. Six months in LA traffic and I was feeling the rage. Over Christmas, on a week trip to Portland everyone was asking about my exploits in the big city. “Phew,” I told them, “traffic is killer.” Which, truthfully, is on par with “the weather is unbeatable.” Or, “we have an IHOP down the block with valet service.”  Just kidding I love/hate that fact. However, when driving becomes such a significant, depressing portion of your life, it comes up in conversation with people who bike to work.

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