Joel Compass - Astronaut (Henry Krinkle Remix)

Now, I've been all over Joel Compass since his single "Back to Me" dropped earlier this year paired with a pretty captivating, albeit strange, emotional slowmo video. The young (20) producer turned new age R&B talent is getting a lot Read more

Misun - Hills and Trails

This uptempo synthy spaghetti western pop song from Misun can be paired with pretty much any end of the summer activity, especially if it involves riding through tumultuous Texas desert towns on quarter horses. There probably needs to be Read more

Video: Ka - Off the Record

I'm sure this video resonates with those that received their introduction to quintessential nineties rap through vinyl records and tape decks. My first rap album was Puff Daddy's No Way Out, on CD (fml), and it's a shame to Read more

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Shrines Revisited

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What would have happened to the show Lost if it weren’t for DVRs?  The unique facet of Lost was that it was truly a product of its time; had we not been able to fast-forward, pause, and obsessively re-watch episodes to find secret images and connections, the beauty and coherence of the show, the essential mystery, would have been, eponymously, lost.

In the context of DVRs, as well as music’s modern trends of amplified bass and a rampant disregard for the confines of genre, Purity Ring’s debut album Shrines makes perfect sense.

After spending the summer immersing myself in new releases, my experience with Shrines was surprisingly memorable. Sadly, the overwhelming volume of fantastic new music I wanted to listen to this summer left me little time to revisit any album, especially one that did not immediately strike me as especially significant or interesting.

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Purity Ring – “Shrines”

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It’s rare for a band to take a path as slow as the one that Purity Ring has traveled.  Releasing five singles at an excruciatingly slow pace over the course of a year was both frustrating and hard to take your eyes (ears?) off of.  They describe their music as “Future Pop”, which is fitting because they’ve been my #1 band-crush since “Ungirthed” was released at the beginning of 2011, and it looks like they’re going to stay at the top of the list for a long time.

Stream Shrines in its entirety over at NPR