Video: Ka - Off the Record

I'm sure this video resonates with those that received their introduction to quintessential nineties rap through vinyl records and tape decks. My first rap album was Puff Daddy's No Way Out, on CD (fml), and it's a shame to Read more

Marmalakes - Dolores

I was in bed reading the The Movie Goer by Walker Percy the other night when "Dolores" came up on a recent playlist I made. I had to put down the American classic and listen a little closer to Chase Weinacht's Read more

Toony TuneS & Captn Dan - Popadock

Wordplay Saturday. You might be out in the sun, swimming or riding your bicycle, but I'm the house listening to rappers Toony Tunes and Captn Dan. I don't know where they came from, put them in my ears, Read more

» Sleeping UTE

Grizzly Bear – Shields

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Stream the new Grizzly Bear album Shields on NPR! In case you didn’t catch the Shields single “Sleeping UTE” it’s down below.

Grizzly Bear – Sleeping UTE

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Rawr. New Grizzly Bear track. It’s distinguishable among others, so we hired a tracker to find out what this means exactly; where the bear is headed, and what it has to do with us. Left Hand Bull, otherwise known as Stereogum, couldn’t tell us much other than the bears upcoming album release date (9/16 Warp Records), and plans for a world tour. What we can discern from the scent is a strong, unexpected complexity, something more than nuts and berries, Grizzly Bears’s usual diet.

I hope that was less annoying to read than it was to write.